Hunting with family Rogl

OTJIRUZE is one of the oldest, most experienced hunting and safari operations in NAMIBIA.

Established in 1966, OTJIRUZE is known for finest plains game and big game hunting, as well as unique photographic and fishing safaris throughout southern Africa.

Our family-run operation offers 3 luxurious hunting lodges in different areas of Namibia. With over 30 huntable game species and an exclusive hunting area of 210 000 acre all your dreams will become reality.

We practice strict hunting ethics. Hunting companionship, hunting in untouched wilderness, the harvesting of a mature admirable trophy and preserving this for our next generation is our goal.

Hunting technique is mainly stalking or spot and stalk. Decades of selective and sustainable hunting has resulted in high quality and quantity of game populations.

In hunting concessions in northern Namibia and Zimbabwe we offer great possibilities to hunt the BIG 5.

Trophy hunting is open from 01 February to 30 November each year with ideal hunting conditions from March to October. We recommend at least 5-7 hunting days. Rifle importation to Namibia is fairly easy, as you receive all necessary documentation from us. Rental weapons of various calibers are available at all hunting lodges.